Saturday, July 06, 2013

Reading, Hammock Sitting and Flower Picture Taking

Today is the celebration of the 4th here at the lake.  Some may not know but a few years ago, July 5, 2008 to be exact, The Hubby was injured in a fireworks accident.  I won't go into details but you can read about it HERE.  It is not my favorite holiday.  I love Independance Day, all for that but I HATE fireworks!  Anyway, I am just hanging around the cabin and the hammock not partaking of the PARTY atmosphere that is going on.
I am instead taking pictures of some of my flowers for paintings, hammock dwelling and reading a great book. 
Trumpet Vine (that is encroaching in our yard)
My beautiful hibiscus!
The book I'm reading is A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams.  I wasn't sure when I started but in two days I am halfway through and probably will finish tomorrow.  It's been on the top best sellers list for summer reads this year.  I've also enjoyed a few books by one of my favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Kay Andrews.  Hope you're having a reading summer!


Kay said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Beryl said...

Your flower pictures are beautiful. So glad your husband recovered. I am having a reading Summer, too - with new books by some favorite authors and finding new authors that my friends are reading.