Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sweet Memories

Briana has been a scanning fool as of late, going through boxes and boxes and boxes of pictures and memorabilia.  Today would have been my granddaddy's 98th birthday and I celebrate that.  I miss him tremendously.  He died in 1979, June, a few months before his first great grandchild, Briana was born.  Taken too soon by the horrible effects that cigarettes can cause, lung cancer.  Took his only child, my mother to soon also from emphysema, COPD.  Anyway, Briana found some of these gems I am sharing today.
Here he is in front of the feed store he owned in Broken Arrow when I was a child.  Cool huh!  

This picture I haven't seen in YEARS.  It's my greatgranny and greatgranddaddy, Maggie and Grady.  They lived in Rattlesnake Hollow in Jay, Oklahoma.  I loved this garden and don't remember the roses in the garden but there they are and I think peonies too.  I know they had roses along the front road.  I LOVED that place and those people dearly.   

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love old family pics. That one of the feed store is a classic.