Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paint, Toilet Paper and Food

Good Sunday morning.  It's been a fabulous weekend so far.  Rain is on the horizon today and that makes me kind of happy.  We definitely need it.  Yesterday I was up early to take care of the granddog, Mondo and Clayton and my planned breakfast.  I'm kind of bummed that I have not lost anymore weight than 14 pounds after three weeks, but I will continue.  I have not had any white stuff, as in bread, rice or potatoes in three weeks.  I've given up soda pop.  I think its still working because at least the body is changing but I want the scale to start changing.  Good news is when I take the blood pressure it is more in the normal range now too!  I spent yesterday taking some more pictures for possible still life paintings and my laundry.  While running around doing a few household chores, I was putting toilet paper in our various bathrooms, when I turned from the bathroom to walk through the darkened bedroom to the hall bath, I did not see the black granddog laying on the carpet.  My foot met his backside and with my arms full of toilet paper, down I went.  SPLAT---I hit the floor, partly on the dog, my right knee (the good knee), my left elbow and I think on top of a couple of rolls of toilet paper.  I think the TP saved me.  When I rolled over to my bottom I sat for a few minutes to see how the knee was and my poor elbow.  OUCH!  Toilet paper was all over the place.  Mondo came over to me, sat on his haunches and put his paw on my shoulder.  Awwww, sweet baby, he was either apologizing for being in the middle of the floor or making sure I was okay.  I'm fine and the only real injury was a rug burn on the elbow that plagued me all night long.

Life goes on.  On a good note, I got a Facebook message from one of The Hubby's distant cousins who is a retired teacher and AMAZING photographer.  He takes the most beautiful photos of his property, birds, bird baths, butterflies...etc.  He asked if I could do a painting from one of his photos that has a butterfly.  He sent me a couple of pictures and wanted a quote for certain sizes.  I quoted and he accepted.  EEK!  He wants it to look like a painting (no problem) not a photograph.  So a commission!  Yeah.  I did finish a painting and am almost finished with another, probably today.  


Sweet Tea said...

What a yukky Boo-Boo!
So thankful to read that your knees are OK. Scary thing to take a fall like that!!

Beryl said...

That rug burn looks painful. Thank goodness for all the toilet paper breaking your fall - and it explains the odd title of the post. Good job getting the blood pressure down!