Monday, July 29, 2013

Weight Loss

Monday morning and it is very early but I'm a bit excited.  I've been trying to not weigh very much but this morning I am starting 6 weeks of a new eating lifestyle and I needed to see if I have made any more of a dent.  I will be honest here with my weight...I started at 236, but this morning I thought I had gained weight when I saw the scale.  I was getting ready to be very, very upset...drumroll...219!!!!!  I am down 17 pounds this Monday morning.  I saw the 9 and thought WHAT, I gained but it is early and my mind was not awake!  It is all paying off!  I think chasing little Rio Saturday night because she spent the night again was good exercise.

She is so stinkin' cute.  I kept calling her Miss SnickleFritz which popped into my head.  A memory from Momma.

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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Good for you! The best tip I ever heard was to drink a cup of water every time you think you are hungry. That was useful, I thought.