Sunday, July 06, 2008

Here we go!...It is actually 4:51 pm

Here is the update. It is actually 4:51 pm. I've had time trying to write this.

Last night The Hubby was doing the fireworks at our lake place and the show was over but apparantely a huge fountain had not done its thing and it went off in his face. It was a huge one. I saw it happen and ran as fast as I could through the meadow and then saw them running to where the ambulance had been but they had already left since the "show" was over. When I saw his face it was pock-marked with what looked like little beebee shots all over. They were pouring cool water all over his face. I just about lost it there but he hugged me and said he was alright. We got into someones Tahoe and headed off to meet the ambulance that had turned around. Just outside of the gates we met up and transfered him to it. When they were shutting the doors he was complaining about his throat and mouth and I knew he was burned there. I got back into the Tahoe driven by a son of one of the people at the lake and we went back to the cabin to tell B & B2 and get The Hubby's ID and insurance stuff and my purse. Then we literally flew back to Tulsa, and I mean flew. The trip usually takes 55 minutes and we were in Tulsa in 25 minutes. We flew. On the way we found out that they took The Hubby to Locust Grove to a helopad to air-evac him out to Hillcrest. Still on the way we were also informed that The Hubby was intubated. My fear was enhanced I must say but I kept it together and still am, so far. We arrived at the emergency room not really knowing if he was at Hillcrest or St. Francis. After some investigating by the wonderful receptionist it was discovered that we actually beat the helicopter to the emergency. WHAT! Did I say flew to the hospital. After that my ride said adios and was on his way. I was left standing in this foreign room with people, well, let just say the hospital emergency room on a weekend night, holiday weekend night is a little scary and I guessed I was showing it. It sat very tiny on one of the most uncomfortable chairs there gazing around the room and I was terrified and alone. The phones had no faces and the room was full of babies crying, people getting a little irate with the receptionist and just weirdness. I sat for a bit and the receptionist came over to me and said that since my family was not with me, I was alone that why don't I sit in the family room. Okay. I followed her to a smaller version of the large ER waiting room but the doors closed and it was quiet. It was probably because I had insurance. Anyway, I wasn't there long till a nurse came in and discussed what was going to happen with the doctors and checking The Hubby out when he landed. Then she asked for his ID, insurance card and of course let's not forget the co-pay up front.

My cell phone was constantly going off from the girls, and people from the lake. I also had The Hubby's cell phone in the other pocket and it was going off with people not having my cell number. My wait was not long and then they took me into see him and sit with him. His face was still pock-marked and they warned me about all the tubes and stuff. I was prepared. He was naked on the gurney with the tinest of sheets covering just enough. I went up to him and touched his face and held his hand and told him I was there. He was asleep but only slightly because everytime he swallowed he struggled and came straight up off the gurney, with his hands strapped down. You could tell it hurt and the tube was driving him crazy. The nurse was astounded by his ability to struggle like that and they kept upping his meds to sedate him further so he would fight so much. When I leaned to kiss his forehead I could smell the singed hair. Luckily he had his hardhat on so the only thing singed were his bushy eyebrows and his nose hairs. I talked to the on call ER doctor, the burn surgeon (yeah that was a scary one) and numerous nurses. They all told me that he would probably be on the respirator for a couple of days before they could assess how badly damaged his lungs, throat and mouth were. Then they would start him on steroids to pump up the healing process of his lungs. They were concerned because he had surgery several years ago for sleep apnea. His uvula was lasered off and he had a deviated septum fixed to correct and that might be a problem, not sure why.

B had called the his mother and brother and they showed up and I had to go into the family room and let them know what was going on. When I entered the MIL was almost on the verge of collapse and had in her mind that the mortar had gone off and taken half his face. NOT! I had to tell them everything and then prepare her for how he looked with all the tubes and stuff. When we were in there his brother would talk loudly to him and tell we were all there and everything would be all right and shake his leg, so did the MIL. The doctors this morning said none of that please. Limit the visitors and don't talk to him and to jiggle him, let him totally rest and heal.

So, I finally made it home about 3:30 am and it took me a good hour to get the cell phones on the chargers, brush my teeth and just relax enough to sleep. I woke up about 7 am and took my shower and waited for the phone calls and make another trip tot he hospital. I called the other brother, my sister, my brother, my daddy, his best friend and girl friend. I called my best friend and my friends at the lake. I called my minister, although we have hardly set foot in the church in a couple of years. I called two of our main employees to let them know what had happened and let them know I would be there first thing to line everybody out and get the game plan going. We are responsible for 13 employees and the work has to keep flowing so I HAVE to work tomorrow, at least in the morning. My mulitple phones rang constantly this morning. The best friend Kelly arrived and the first thing I needed to do was see about the nail in my tire. Yes, another nail in the same tire as the first of June. Well, the stupid nail is in a really bad place and I will have to buy a new tire and is just what will happen tomorrow.

The latest news today is that they are already weaning him off the vent and his air way is not as swollen as first thought. He is partially breathing on his own and they will start the steriods today and maybe completely off the vent tomorrow. GOOD NEWS. Also the pock-mocked things on his face were mostly wiped off. He still has some places on his lower left side of his face and may have some unintended tatoos. He does look so much better than last night with a little blistering on his lower lip, not sure of the insides.

I am now home and I plan on staying home tonight. I will call later and check on him but he is sleeping and needs to be left alone. There is no need to sit and stare at him. I'm better to rest and be ready to bring him home. I also need to concentrate on work tomorrow. I will keep all updated. Good thoughts everyone. Oh, and by the way, did I say I HATE FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

How terrible about the accident!!! how frightening!! so glad he is doing well. I too dislike fireworks....Sounds like you are maintaining....strength to both of you.
*West Coastie*

Hina said...

Bad accident! :( Wishing your husband a quick recovery!

Redneck Diva said...

Oh my word! You are both in my prayers! Keep us posted, but remember to REST!

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Oh oh oh, I'm so glad to read that he's going to be better.

Kay said...

Oh goodness! I see what you mean about fireworks, Jill. Thank goodness he's OK now.