Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Joy of Rio

We had another overnight with the darlin' Rio!  This one was much better as she is 8-1/2 months old.  
Momma dropped her off and unpacked the entire household with her (I remember those days).  I was excited and a bit scared yet again.  It's a huge responsibility as I also recall in my younger parent days. 
She was quite a content little lady crawling around, laughing and giggling, especially when Clayton came into her eyesight.  Don't you just love this photo of her.  What a dumplin' she is.  The only problem was she DID NOT want the bottle.  Momma is getting ready to wean and bottle was not on her radar.  Kind of worried me but she seemed fine and ate her fruits, veggies and oatmeal.  She went down at about midnight till four then up till five and down again till 8:30.  Not too bad I must say. 
This morning I enjoyed my coffee outside and she enjoyed watching the bubbles I made for her.  Confused Clayton a bit too.  Ah, the joy's of Rio!  We love her so.


Cindy said...

She's so cute!

Beryl said...

Babies and bubbles on a sunny day sounds just fabulous. Glad it went well. A friend just told me that she and I are tweeners - the years between our children being grown and being grandparents. We try not to be jealous.