Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leather and Lace

Good morning all.  Yes, I am on a roll here, blogging away.  So much is rattling around in my brain this morning.  I have just STUFF to do and I'm not getting around to doing any of it lately. 

First, I gave away our loveseat.  Yes I did!  Really, I gave it to B&B2 to match the couch we gave them when we moved some 7 years ago.  The Hubby hated it, of course sense I picked it out and he LOVES leather which this was fabric.  We've been having an on going battle about leather and fabric for some time now.  He has his beloved leather couch, actually, three of them.  We have one at the office and one at the cabin too.  I had a tiny fabric loveseat, which now I don't.  We also have two awesome large leather chairs that were perfect at our other house but just are a bit too large in this house.  The debate with The Hubby is that he wanted to replace the loveseat with yet another leather couch and I just had to put the brakes on and say "HECK NO!"  I love, love, love our decorating sense but it does tend to lean towards the guy kind of feel and I want, no NEED a bit of feminine in that house with his collections of lighters, flashlights and African head mounts on the wall (3 at the cabin too).  I had to make a stand for my lady side and insist that we not have an entire house of leather.  Then last weekend he had the bright idea of getting rid of the chairs too but I'm not so opposed to that idea.  With the help of brainstorming with Harri and B the chairs are moving to our new offices upstairs in the living area and I'm going shopping!!!!!  I am going to appease him by trying to find a leather loveseat to accompany his leather couch then I am going to get a couple of nice chairs with an ottoman in FABRIC!  Yup, and I told him it may have a bit of floral in it!!!!!  Yes I did and he was not opposed but we will see when I finally get around to shopping.  This brings me back to the stuff I need to do.  I need to shop and I hate to shop.  I have just got to hit the pavement and start the hunt with the help of the designer brother-in-law!  I have an idea of what I want but I HAVE TO SHOP! 

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Beryl said...

Shopping for furniture is a chore, but luckily doesn't have to be done that often. My husband also likes leather, while I prefer fabric. Guess this is more common than I thought.