Monday, June 03, 2013

Family Reunion

Yes we hosted an impromptu family reunion at the cabin this weekend.  Daddy's nephew and his wife were in town so we quickly put it together.  After the storms on Friday night in Oklahoma City I was afraid it would not be possible but the turned out great for us.  
We gathered.  We chatted.  We ate.  We
 laughed.  We took tons of pictures. 
My sis and her lovely family. 
Daddy's nephew Dennis and The Hubby touring the grounds. 
Nephew (my cousin) Dennis and Vickie!  When Daddy went to Arizona a few years ago, this is who he stayed with.  Dennis's mother Aunt Dee is Daddy's sis and still living with them.  Her health doesn't let her travel so the siblings often visit her.  
Daddy and his sister GiGi and sweet Rio!

Siblings minus two.  

They were lucky enough to catch sight of a deer.

The rains have caused the area to begin the spring floods.  By then end of the weekend the dam was almost completely under water.

We also celebrated a semi-birthday for little Rio.  She was 8 months old on Saturday.  Can't believe how time flies. 
More chit-chatting with cousins, aunts and uncles. 

Awwwww, we let had to get in on the picture thing! 

This kiddo is just so photogenic...
Mondo was racing around her he was so excited to be in the meadow. 
Whew, a breather. 
There's that little beauty!

Poppy (The Hubby) and Rio 

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Kay said...

Gorgeous family photos and yes, what an adorable cutie!