Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Rushed Girl

Good Saturday morning all.  Today is day 1 of the 8th year of this blog and I hope to start off with something that will interest you.  We finally got away to the cabin this weekend and that means that the diet will follow.  Yesterday was also payday and pay a few bills so I had a lot on my mind.  With the office work done and the grocery store list handled too I was ready to run my errands.  I arrived home with frozen shrimp, milk and other odds and ends that needed to be taken in quickly.  Just as I rolled around the corner into our neighborhood I remembered I was supposed to go to the liquor store for red wine, which I can have on this diet.  Rats!  I went ahead and took the stuff inside, safer anyway, and rushed off to the liquor store that is just up the street.  Back home The Hubby was pruning our ornamental grasses in front.  He seemed to think they were too tall.  Whatever, they were just fine.  Now they look like flat tops!  Right off the bat as we were getting stuff ready to load into his truck I realized I left my Jorge Cruise 100 diet book at the office, with my list of stuff to pack from home, and my meal plans.  I told him we would have to run by and pick it up.  We proceeded to load up and take off.  Two blocks away and I remembered that I left the fish for our dinner that night in the freezeer (didn't have my list from home.)  We turned around and went back and I rushed in and grabbed it.  We took off again and just as we pulled out of the neighborhood I remembered Clayton's dog food.  We had to go back for that.  Turn around yet again and inside I went.  The Hubby told me to take a breath.  I felt so disorganized and I think a little apprehensive about taking the diet "on the road."  We FINALLY headed toward the office and nearly there I remembered I forgot the fixin's for the Skinny Muffin.  RATS!  No matter, I can have my scrambled egg mixture two days in a row.  WHEW!  I was so glad to finally be on the road.  I don't know what was wrong with me and I hope to goodness that payroll was right after all of this!
We are here and enjoyed a nice dinner of fish, a glass of red wine and the company of wonderful friends in a place that I like to think of as our sanctuary! 

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Beryl said...

I don't think it was the diet messing with your memory - I just think that with working and art and grandbaby and Clayton and the new food plan, your brain (like mine) is full.;)