Saturday, June 15, 2013

Construction - AGAIN

Good Saturday morning to everyone!  Yes, I am trying to get into the habit of posting EVERYDAY!  I think I have forgotten how to use the writing muscles in my brain. 

The Hubby and I skittled off to the cabin fairly yesterday afternoon.  We both so needed to get away.  He has been working out in the field quite a bit and he is just not young anymore and although he is in terrific shape, it takes a toll.  You know you are old when you hit the bed at eight o'clock at night and doze off at nine, both of us.  Of course we are up at 4:45 every morning too.  I think I may have mentioned some good news for us, maybe.  Well, anyway we are about to undergo some more construction.  Not in the house but we are building some office warehouse space to rent, The Hubby calls it "mailbox money" for retirement.  We are also renovating the old stone building on the property for the move of our offices soon.  I'm so excited!  We've been in our current location when we built the building in 1984 and have sort of outgrown the space.  (Thought I had a picture but can't find it.)  It's a two story stone building build sometime in 1920-something and in great shape.  The first floor will be our offices with an open concept but the upstairs!  The upstairs will be like a living quarters.  We thought of being able to rent it out but I have talked The Hubby into...get this.........AN ART STUDIO!  We are still having a kitchen and great closets and bathroom with fold out couch bed but the front part of the floor will be my art studio that has a view of downtown Tulsa.  The first time I walked into that building I knew it would be a great studio and I am finally getting a space for ME.  Yes I know I have my "room" at home but that room is also filled with family history/pictures, books, financial stuff, etc.  Since I'm starting to sell some of my stuff I needed to get a place that more inspiration than what I have.  And since he has whole warehouses for his "stuff" it is my turn!  Besides the upstairs will be a place where Rio can nap while her momma is downstairs working.  We will have phone upstairs too so I can answer the office phone too.  We've been to several meetings with the architect on the plans and they've started framing!  We are still in the stages of getting building permits with the city for the new building and wow, is that a process.  So construction time is upon us yet again...oh boy!

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Oh alott going in your homestead

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