Friday, August 10, 2012

My Life, Such As It Is!

Good morning, good morning, good morning.  Just typing letters to get the brain going in the thought process today.  It is Friday and I'm glad.  Honestly it has been a rather quiet week with the construction still ongoing, slow but progressing.  The painters have been here off and on all week, painting the ceiling and beams in the patio area.  We've met with yet ANOTHER fence guy trying to get our fence replaced.  We have called numerous companies that will not even return our phone call.  The Hubby says our job is too small.  I told him that is ridiculous because, "IT'S A FENCE!".  That is what these companies do and they should not turn down a fence yet the ones who come out say we have too much foliage or plants in the way.  I told The Hubby to tell them that whatever they break or crush is just fine, we're redoing the stuff anyway.  I WANT A FENCE!  I want a fence, especially a gate so Clayton can't get out.  I think yesterday we found a guy, a friend that does this stuff that is really, really busy with a kitchen remodel but will come out and at least get the gate done and then will come back and do the whole fence when the kitchen job is done.  I am just fine with that.  

Now The Hubby and I have been looking for some new outdoor furniture.  I want to get it done and bought because everyone is having sales NOW!  We've been to several places and today will check out another one that I think may be the best bet.  He's afraid that if we buy we can't store it because the concrete has not been stained.  I say by covers and put it in the yard!  We need to act or we will miss out on the sales and having him pay full price will kill him!  

Awww, my life, what can I say, small problems I know but it is my life!

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Sweet Tea said...

I'm with you, NOW is the time to buy!
Good luck talking the hubs into it.