Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fountain Time

Yesterday The Hubby came home as I was finishing up make myself presentable for the world to see!  He does this quite often now that our humble abode is so much closer to the office and a lot of the jobs the business is doing.  Also, he is so excited to finish the patio/driveway/etc. that he can hardly stay away.  Which means I NEVER have time, quiet time alone at the house anymore.  Anyway, back to my day.  I tried to paint a bit before I cleaned up but was just not in the mood with the power washer going on out front and the drill and saw out back as the concrete counter top guy was working.  Then The Hubby comes in and I just gave up.  I was all prepped and ready for the afternoon, planning on a visit with my Daddy when The Hubby wanted to go to Southwood Nursery to look at fountains.  Best laid plans, my best laid plans always seem to get mucked up as they did yesterday.  It was all good though as he was after a water feature that I have ALWAYS wanted in my back yard.  

We arrived at Southwood and entered to find this sweet little girl sacked out in a birdbath display.  I petted and she just stretched and splayed her paws in utter joy of her life.  What a precious sight.
Out the doors I saw these lovely sunflowers and just had to snap a picture.  I'm always on the hunt for flowers to paint! 
Towards the back we found the fountains and found this little beauty that we purchased with a bit of discussion of "NO BLUE."  For some reason he had the ugly blue ones in his head for color and I like blue but it was just not going to work for me.  I won, we won, to have this softly gurgling thing soothe away the tensions of the day!   


Nonnie said...

Sounds like my house! Really like the pics of the cat in the birdbath and the sunflowers are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So jealous one day I will have a fountain!!! Happy Tuesday!