Monday, August 13, 2012

Cooler Monday's

The weather is a changing here, finally!  They are predicting that we won't hit the 100's again this year!  Already it is fabulous outside sitting on our new patio.  We were successful in purchasing the new outdoor furniture but it won't be here until the stain guy does his work.  The Hubby finally got in touch with him and he said he would be there this week!  I certainly hope so.  Clayton loves to go and sit on the new brick wall and soak up the sun.  He's ready to get his yard back. 

I spent the afternoon yesterday sketching.  It's funny that last week at art class I had nothing to paint, yet I started and finished the sunflower later in the week.

Then yesterday, I started sketching this cute photo of my great grandparents holding my great uncle.  I have several of these sepia toned old family pictures and am planning on a whole series of them.   


Joy Tilton said...

Just came over from Theresa's Southern Country Home and love your blog! I'm just a few miles to the East in NW Arkansas! I'm an art lover so will enjoy snooping on your blog to see what other fabulous sketches you've done! We took company to Crystal Bridges new museum here this weekend so I'll be posting pics this week on my blog. Come for a visit at when you have the time!
Joy C.

Winnie said...

Such lovely sketches of your grandparents. What a lovely idea, and I know that would make a great keepsake piece for yourself or anyone in your family. That sunflower blew me away. My sister adores them, and yours is amazing.

Beryl said...

Are you serious? Less than 100 degrees for the rest of the year? My flight back isn't until September, mostly because I thought it would just get hotter all August. At least I'll get to enjoy it pretty soon.
Hope you get that fence up soon so Clayton can go out on his own again!

Anonymous said...

Love the sketch and painting!

Katydid said...

I love the sunflower painting. I would like to paint one for myself someday. Yours is very pretty.

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

I LOVE the sunflower painting. I am sooo jealous, I have always wanted to be able to do something like this. Great job!