Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A Wordy Wednesday Ramble

This is just a Wednesday ramble of crap that is rolling around in my head and wants to spill out today!  

Monday I had planned on having lunch with the mother-in-law and take some of the million books I was weeding out of my stock to her retirement place!  But, after loading them all in my car and getting all cleaned up and ready to see her she called.  She called to let me know that her retirement place did not want them like she thought.  She did give me the name of a guy that might buy them or just take them off my hands.  (She also canceled lunch for another time and I will explain later.)  So I went to his dusty and very quiet store and told the studious man what I had in my car.  He slowly stood up and said, "Let's take a look at what you've got."  We went out in the heat and he started just going through the piles in my backseat while I waited.  He got about half of the books and put them on the curb and said, "How about $20."  I said, "Sure."  He, unfortunately, did not want the rest to just take, so I'm left with still a pile of books to find new homes for.  After that weird encounter I was off to shop for outdoor furniture.  I found that some of the places have their outdoor furniture OUTDOORS!  A hot day, and after several stops I think I might have found something but there was only one and I NEED The Hubby to take a look.  Everyone is having sales and a lot of the stuff is limited.  I ended up back at the office to do a bit of work then home.

Tuesday, yesterday, I got an early morning text that B was not well and would be in late to the office, which meant that I had to go into the office.  So I quickly took a shower after my workout, got the art stuff for class in the afternoon and headed to the office.  While wheeling my art bag of supplies through the living room I bumped into one of the three olive jars I have sitting by the fireplace.  That one tapped another one just right and popped the center belly out of the dang jar.  Rats, will have to try and glue back.  (Casualty of the day!) I have to say that when I left the house at 5:30 yesterday to workout the concrete guy was already in his truck in front of our house.  Wow!  They were to pour yet another area of concrete that The Hubby decided he needed at the side of the house.  Whatever!  I worked till about noon, B brought a wonderful sandwich for lunch and then I was off to art class.  I finished yet another painting and enjoyed a great day of laughter in class.  I LOVE that class!  After class I hit Pier 1 for some of their faux wicker outdoor chairs that were on sale and filled my car with six of them and three little tiled tables for the new patio.  Home and unload!  Whew, HOT!  Home, the concrete guys were at the side of the house, by the A/C unit (that plays in the story later) and cutting the fresh cement with the diagonal pattern The Hubby wanted.  Inside I checked my emails, loved on Clayton a bit and sat to catch my breath.  The Hubby was not far behind but was outside checking the new part.  I forgot that the MIL called while in class to invite us for dinner at her retirement place.  I told her I would talk to The Hubby but when I called him he said, NO!  He was to meet a fence guy (yeah) at the house at 5,then had to go to the flip house to repair the A/C unit that he found out had been running non-stop-since-when-we-don't-know!  He said it was like a meat locker inside!  Dang, that electric bill will be awesome!  I ate a quick bite and then headed to get my hair done.  I've been rescheduling that appointment so many times that I had an inch of gray showing!!!  Back home The Hubby was washing the sidewalk by the A/C unit.  He told me that the A/C inside was not working and that it had been rising up to 75 inside!  YIKES!  He called the A/C man and he came right out to find that all the concrete dust that they guys cut had clogged up the filters in the unit.  Cleaned out and running good.  The Hubby fixed the A/C unit at the flip house, I walked Clayton and then I was READY FOR BED!

What a day.  Today I forgot I have to work this afternoon as B is off for doctor appointments and I finally am getting the house deep cleaned from all the construction stuff.  Have you ever cleaned your house for the house cleaners?  BRB........................
Well, that is what I have done this morning.  Actually, I have picked up the mess so they can clean the dirt, but I'm already exhausted.   

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