Friday, July 22, 2011

Gin & Tonic

It has taken me two gin & tonic's tonight to be able to let all the anger settle to write this post.  Probably shouldn't but I think I will. 

Daddy is doing well.  His surgery done and the healing process starting I am faced with a more serious problem.  During the very, very long wait and surgery I was very glad that Bro and Daddy's little Sis, GiGi were along for the wait with me.  Sis, well, she was "dealing with TMJ" and couldn't be there.  (She even was off work a couple of days.)  That was Tuesday.  Today is Friday and I've been at the hospital every day.  Bro has been there in spirit and support in every way.  Yesterday I got a call from the rehab lady who told me that Daddy was beyond the Medicare paid rehab.  He's in such good shape that it won't be useful.  He was to either go home or skilled nursing.  Thank goodness he has an IV antibiotic thing going and skilled nursing it was.  I feel better that he will be watched over a bit longer.  Today was the big move.  I waited while the nursing staff at the hospital staff tried to get it together to get the ball rolling for Daddy to move forward, sending a few texts out to Bro and Sis about what was going on.  When we were finally in the car going to the nursing home I sent the text out "We're on our way.  Who wants to meet us."  When we arrived, there was my dear Bro!  Support is what we all need.  I sent another text out to let "others" know what room Daddy was in.  I received one back from Sis, "Okay, we're on our way to the lake."  Really

I am home now.  The Hubby fixed dinner and I've had two gin & tonic's and will soon be in bed, hopefully to sleep peacefully.  I'm pissed. 

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Ugich Konitari said...

I've been silently reading your posts about your dad, and reliving my days, when I was my dad's sole caretaker here. Delurking now to tell you, that one has to do what one has to do, because one believes in it, and I've been in a situation identical to yours many years ago.

Different people in the same family can think very differently. I am sure Dad is very happy that you are around to worry for him and look out for him. There can be no bigger honor for you. .....