Monday, July 11, 2011

A Long Hot Summer

It is truly hot, hot, hot this summer.  I've always said I like Oklahoma summers and I really do but this no rain business has got to stop.  I like the summer but I'm not the one that has to work out in it like a lot of people so my opinion is a little skewed.  It's a weird Monday as I chose to sleep in and not do my cardio.  I had a bit of a tummy issue last night and I think I might be flirting with the gall bladder thing.  NOT GOOD, especially right now with Daddy's impending surgery next week.  This week will be the pre-op and hopefully they find everything an all go.  I live in absolute fear that this doctor will find something that prevents him from doing surgery.  I am so afraid that Daddy's leg will have been so unused that he may never be able to walk again.  We would definitely have to re-think his living situation if that happened.  I know I've written about that before but it is in the front of my mind constantly. 

Construction is moving on with the laying of the ceramic tile floor.  Slow, slow, slow.  This one guy is doing it and he only works a few hours and then he's gone, although he did work a bit Saturday and Sunday.  I'm ready to be done with it but at this pace it will probably be August or September, more likely September, before we are done.  At least all of the pretties have been picked out and I even picked up my wallpaper on Thursday!    We haven't even had the cabinetry started in the building process.  They are drawing the plans and it will take 3-4 weeks after that!  Move it people.  I swear if it was a woman in charge it would get done! 

I've been reading a ton this summer, usually finishing a couple of books on a weekend.  I just can't seem to get enough reading.  Do you think I'm trying to hide from my real life!  Check out some of them.  The Winter Garden was excellent and probably more so because it was on CD and the lady had a great accent.  Loving Frank was incredible and such a surprise at the end.  I had no idea about Frank Lloyd Wright and his life.  Sorry, I'm being lazy and not linking or putting the author's here.  It's what summer does t me. 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It has been hotttttt!

We have had a couple projects this summer. We have one guy who works with his daughter and they get stuff done quick. The more general contractors, it goes slow.

I loved "Loving Frank"

Cindy said...

I agree with you, this "no rain" thing has got to stop.

I'll have my fingers crossed that everything is smooth sailing for your dad's surgery. I know you are stressed about this and I hope all goes well.

We've been having some projects done at the house this spring/summer and it has been FRUSTRATING. I agree with you again, if a woman was in charge, everything would move along at a brisk pace!