Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July

The 4th was celebrated at the cabin retreat area with lots of bang, boom and Hoorah!  Dancing was the thing to do as The Hubby and B enjoyed.  I chose to stay close to the cabin and watch Clayton and Mondo through all the whoopla! 
Old time friend, Bucky came to join in the festivities with The Hubby.  They had a fabulous time catching up on old times...
and partaking of the fireworks show, a very safe distance away, thank you very much The Hubby!  No more accidents for him! 
Earlier in the day we did have a slight accident when Clayton took a slip-slideing away trip down some rocks into the river.  He's fine and a bit cooled off from the 100 degree days. 
So did Bucky and The Hubby on Sunday evening.  Ahhhhh, that is cool and refreshing. 
I chose to sit in a chair and take some pictures.  I don't do creek or lake water much anymore after a lifetime of swimmers ear. 
Happy 4th of July to one and all!

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Kay said...

I'm so glad to see what a happy holiday you had!