Friday, July 29, 2011

Blood Clot

This is a quick post but I wanted to share that we've hit yet another bump in Daddy's recovery.  He had the swelling in his arm when we went to Dr. Hippy on Wednesday but Dr. Hippy seemed to think it was the antibiotic pic line messed up, flooding his arm.  He guessed wrong.  Daddy has a blood clot in his neck but they seem to think it will dissolve.  I certainly hope so.  I kept my phone on all night long just in case they would call.  I'm a bit worried but no phone call is a good thing.  This morning I have to do payroll so I'm up early and will head to the office to get it done quick so I can go to the nursing home to check on him.  I need to make sure they have Bro's phone number just in case I'm out of pocket.  We've got a busy weekend and I don't want to miss a phone call.  Please keep the good vibes heading Daddy's way.  I want him to get well so he can get a little dog, go fishing and sit around a campfire this fall with us. 


Sweet Tea said...

Praying for your Daddy, Jill.
Keep us posted.

Kay said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. This is such a worrisome time. Sending you a bunch of aloha cyber hugs.

kario said...

Sending love and light. I hope that he continues to heal.