Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning my dear friends! It is Monday, 6:05 AM but I was actually up a 4:45 this morning. Little Clayton's routine is 5 and 5 for his meals so the minute the alarm goes off he is up and ready to get it done. We don't let him jump off the bed because it is so high so he has to get us up and get the day started. He licks, he crawls back and forth over the top of us and then the strange cough-sneeze begins if we ignore. He is persistent. Finally, I tell him lets get up and he bounds to the end of the bed, ears pulled tightly.  The Hubby has fallen asleep on the couch last night and I let him be so Clayton runs to the living room to awaken the prince.  I trudge to the restroom.  The ploy has worked and The Hubby is up and feeding our little guy and taking him out to do his biz.  Such is the start of my Monday morning.  Yes, I could go and workout, get some cardio in but I've got a full day.  Lunch with my sweet friend, Christine, work, and I'm anxious to see the shower floor put in today.  Lots of stuff going on. 

Yesterday I went to Daddy's house to drop off the new wheelchair the hospital obtained for him.  There is no sense in having it at the skilled nursing facility since they have plenty there.  Besides I haven't had time to put his name on it anywhere.  I was so surprised when I put it in the car on Friday at how light it was compared to the dinosaur that is his old one.  Maybe I won't be dropping my Daddy in the dirt anymore, but hopefully it won't have to be used if all goes to plan.  After I took the wheelchair in I got some clothes, his TV headphones and his address/phonebook and then watered his key lime tree.  I was then off to see him and deliver his goods.  When I started walking down the hallway I was met with the familiar sound of snoring, his snoring.  Yes, he can rattle plaster off of the walls with his snoring.  He was sound asleep and didn't even wake as I entered his room.  His new roommate he had when we left on Friday was gone so he was solo in his room and probably a good thing with the snoring and all.  I put his stuff away, sat a bit and then decided that if I didn't get some lunch I was going to pass out.  I went to the nearby Sonic and was very bad with a burger.  After quickly munching I headed back to see if he was awake yet.  Down the hallway again I passed the parade of wheelchairs heading to the dining room for lunch.  Got to the room and he was gone.  Well, he must be ready for his lunch.  I turned around and joined the procession and there he was, sitting at his usual table from his last stay.  He was tickled to see me.  Since Friday it had only been me, Bro and his best bud Jay.  This go around he was in much better spirits and he said that he didn't mind being here this time.  I would guess because he knows it is the best place for him to really get well.  Shortly after I sat down another man in a wheelchair pushed by his wife joined us, Robert and Betty.  Robert had been here before and this was his second stay, like Daddy.  He had a broken hip too and so his time would be short also.  Robert was a tiny guy in his big wheelchair, his head barely over the table.  His wife Betty was a jabberwokky.  She came for lunch with Robert who is pretty much blind, at least that is what Betty said but I wouldn't have known.  It was nice conversation for Daddy.  After lunch we joined the mass group back down the hallways to rooms.  I told Daddy that I probably would not be back till Wednesday as I had a lot to do and his head dropped and he said that no one had come to see him.  Good going Daddy, make me feel guilty, he's good at that.  I just don't know if I can make it happen sooner but I will try.  I came home yesterday and took a long nap but had nightmares about wheelchairs, hallways and people not wanting to be my friend, saying I had an agenda.  Whatever that meant.  Then this morning I woke up, fairly rested but knowing I had more dreams about wheelchairs.  Crazy isn't it.  I've got to rest and let it go. 

How is your Monday starting today?

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