Monday, June 13, 2011

Rest and Stress

Good morning my dear friends.  Monday morning and I'm moving slow.  I feel like the head is fighting heat and allergies today.  I have to really keep a check on that or a sinus infection will be soon to follow.  I didn't even get up this morning to do cardio as the head felt like lead.  B and I are going to try a free yoga class today to see if I like it.  I am hoping it will help with my stretching and stress levels.  This weekend I left it all behind spending a lot of time in the hammock yet again.  I couldn't have asked for better weather with waking up yesterday to rain.  I loved it but know today the steam factor will be unbearable and the headache!  I finished a book and nearly finished another book, now that is accomplishment. 

Daddy is doing well at home and Bro has been great getting him to doctor appointments every two weeks.  Yesterday I went over and took out the trash, pulled weeds from his flowerbed, went to the grocery store for milk, and did his laundry.  While waiting for the laundry to run we had some nice visits and checked out stuff on Facebook.  He's really doing quite well, but now he's talking about a ramp to go outside.  That scares me.  I really don't want him outside as he probably couldn't get back inside and I would be afraid that he would roll down too fast and fall.  SCARY!  One of the conditions of him coming home was he was NOT TO GO OUTSIDE!  I know he would love it but my comfort zone would be tested.  He's only got another month to go until surgery so he can just stay put.  You would think this hip doctor, knowing he is ready and has been through hell and back with this infection would knock someone off the list and take Daddy right on in.  I hate it that we are having to wait so long, 2 months home, but 3 months in hospital(s)/nursing home.  I mean really, especially since this doctor didn't think his wound was anything to begin with then we ended up with a raging infection right after surgery, even releasing him to drive to Arizona.  Have to stop before I start ranting, oh wait, already there.  Blood pressure, down girl!  Ommmm, ommmm, ommmm, I'm in my hammock, ommmm, ommmm, ommmm. 

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