Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Life As I Know It

My life has been plodding along and has not let me have much time to blog or even read some of my favorite blogs.  Since today is June 1 I am planning on trying to post everyday for a bit.  Wish me luck. 

The youngest, A, has made a move in her life by leaving the guy and spreading her wings even further with new digs and a new focus and direction of attaining her dreams.  I'm very, very proud of her and excited to see what the next part of her life holds. 

Daddy is doing quite well at home and I'm a bit more relaxed.  Tomorrow we meet with the LifeLine people to get a little gadget to hang around his neck just in case he falls.  It is for my own peace of mind.  They moved his surgery date up, three days, woo hoo!  Big deal.  It is still July 19 so we wait and wait. 

Saturday is my 55th birthday, double nickel.  I'm to have lunch on Thursday with my dear friend Christine and I so look forward to it.  I've been in kind of a pickle in my head as one of the ladies from the lake retreat was very excited with the impending birthday and suggested that a bunch of us go to dinner this week to celebrate and suggested Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well, yesterday was Tuesday and I have not heard anything else from her or anyone else.  I thought about calling but that I feel would be a bit crass and bad etiquette on my part, so I wait.  I might have my feelings hurt to be forgotten but I'll get over it.  I look forward to Thursday. 

The Hubby wanted to know what I wanted and I told him air chairs for the new steel awning.  Tomorrow they will pour the patio.  Construction has moved into the house.  They have taken down the plywood from our bedroom to the new addition and have started the sheet rock with lots and lots of sanding.  Every morning The Hubby has to totally encase the bed and wardrobe in plastic and every evening he takes it off and vacuums.  Messy, messy, messy and a bit gritty in the teeth.  I think tomorrow will be the last day of that until we have to fix the guest bedroom wall that got damaged.  It's pretty cool to actually walk into the new addition without having to go outside and walk a plank over the mud and dirt.  I think the next thing is the heated floor which means I have to to go and look for tile for the floor and the shower area.  I know what color I want painted on the walls and the cabinets and trim is a kind of cream that goes with the entire house.  We have to nail down a carpenter to build the cabinetry and that has posed a hard task.  Hopefully I'll have pictures soon.  It has been pretty much the same lately with a lot of the work not obvious to the eye. 

Later all!

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