Thursday, June 23, 2011

Neighbors and Friends

My Daddy has the best neighbors although one may be getting kind of tired of being a good guy.  When Daddy could not mow his yard the neighbor to the north of him starting mowing his yard with a riding lawn mower.  Daddy has taken a bit of advantage of this neighbor because he is a carpenter.  Daddy has tapped Steve to work on his shed and a few other things and Steve told me quite honestly so.  Yet, the lawn is still getting mowed and I told Steve that when he gets tired of doing it then just tell Daddy so and we will find someone else.  In fact, I talked to my sister and hopefully her son and husband will get it done for now. 

Yesterday, after I left Daddy's from the weekly trip to the grocery store I rounded the backside of his yard and saw someone in his yard.  The very tanned man was shirtless and on his knees in the middle of Daddy's yard, next to the tomato plants and the weeds were flying.  On closer inspection I realized it was Don, Daddy's neighbor behind him, across the alley.  There too was Don's wheelchair.  Yes, his neighbor and friend is wheelchair bound and has been for probably 40 years but let me tell you it does not stop Don.  He was diagnosed with some form of MS or something and his legs do not work well but that man does not let it stop him at all.  There he was, in Daddy's garden weeding for Daddy.  Daddy didn't know about it because he can't get to his back porch much less the backyard.  What a great neighbor and friend Don is and he probably would not have even told him, but I did.  Don was in Daddy's graduating class I believe and they have in common the loss of their wives from COPD.  They are friends and neighbors that take care of each other. 

Here's is to Don and Steve, the best neighbors and friends

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Cindy said...

It's nice to have good neighbors!