Saturday, June 11, 2011


June 28, 2006 I posted my very blog post on Blogger.  Now as I approach the five year anniversary of that post and lots of stuff in my life I am re-reading some of my posts.  I was very sad when that first post was written and was only going to get sadder.  The death of my friend, our dog and the imminent death of my mother had taken a toll on me.  It has taken me these past five years to finally be happy again, not tear up everytime I thought about them all.  I think I am finally past the depression that has haunted me.  Now I'm on to the stress that is Daddy and his health issues.  I'm now showing other ways of dealing with that stress with my blood pressure having issues.  Monday B and I are going to try a yoga class.  I think that will help me get a handle on the BP.  When I was at the doctor for a physical last month the BP was up a bit but as we talked, and the talk was about painting, it went down very nicely.  I just need to let it go and of course lose a bit more weight.  Thank you all my readers for taking this journey with me, I hope it is another five years. 


Katydid said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts and having you as a blogger friend. Blogging helped me deal with some of the losses in my life.
Good luck with all your endeavors. Keep blogging, girl!

Janie B said...

I hope so too! I really have enjoyed getting to know you. I think we would be good friends.