Friday, May 15, 2009

An Ordinary Day

Usually I have a title in mind and I work off of it to fill this blank white space but today I'm empty. Guess I'll just fill with stuff off the top of my head:

At work early 'cause B is setting up her wonderful booth at Blue Dome, Sheezekrafty! Please go by and tell her HI. Maybe purchase something.

Watched Survivor last night and was way too happy to see Coach go. He's a nut. I really like JT and so hope he wins. Also, caught the finale of Hell's Kitchen. Glad Danny won. You know I like cooking shows but this one I think I will quit watching. First, I really get tired of trying to watch and there is practically no sound except for beeps because of all the cursing. Second, I can not stand that ALL of the contestants, and I mean all the contestants from every season, smoke. What is the deal with chefs? Is that the way ALL of them are because that is what I'm getting out the stupid show. Cut it out PLEASE. No more smoking on television. We have got to stop the smoking. I can not watch one more person suck that nasty carcinogenic smoke into their lungs ANYMORE! (stepping down)

Just got this NEWS ALERT:Wayman Tisdale

I'm ready to go to the lake now, today, NOW! We will be there this week and next then in town and then IRELAND! I'm getting nervous and excited. I think I've got the clothing stuff locked down and ready to pack. Have to find the bathing suit. May need it on the boat. I'm of course anxious that Daddy will be having his surgery while we are gone but I've been getting all his paperwork stuff together for my brother to handle while gone: temporary power of attorney, Daddy's living will, stuff.

Oops...I hear cursing from the other room. The Hubby is not happy. His cell phone has been ringing off his hip, from customers and employees, he's having a bad day. I just have to not get into it. I have to let him rant his anger at the other people and circumstances and stay out of his way. That is how we stay married and in business together for 30 years. Yikes. Zip it!

Tree update - The pile of mulch is much smaller today as the tree guys came back the next day and did more grinding and then hauled off two truck loads of mulch. Right now we don't plan on replacing the tree. In the future we want to put in a circle drive and completely redo the front and backyards but for now we are satisfied with what we got.


Kay said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing how your trip to Ireland goes because we'd like to to there sometime, too. Everybody I know has said it's a fabulous place.

lagirl said...

The time is gonna fly by and then you'll be on your way to Ireland. I feel in love with Ireland this year when the Today show broadcast from their during St. Paddy's Day. It looked sooooo beautiful. So glad you're gonna get to see it with your own eyes and report back to us...You're a wise woman to stay outta hubby's way. LOL

Char said...

have a fabulous time in Ireland - I can't wait to hear about your adventures there.

Susan said...

I was sorry to see Coach go. I'll bet when it's all said and done, he was telling the truth all along. I'm rooting for JT, but don't like Erinn much at all. Hope you have a fabulous time on vacation. Take care, Susan

Kathy said...

Wow would love to go to Ireland. Look forward to seeing plenty of pictures when you get back. Hope you have a safe trip. =)