Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What is that glow in the sky! (Painting update!)

What is that glow in the blue cloudless sky today...yes, I believe it is the sun. Finally, we have a wonderful day of sun and blue skies. Alas, I'm still not able to put my top down though. I am on yet ANOTHER antibiotic that prevents me from being in the sun. DRAT! That is not good, so lots and lots of sunscreen and covering up. At least I can get a little warmth for the aching muscles. Speaking of aching muscles, this afternoon I bowled and since I have not worked out for nearly two weeks, my quads and knees are absolutely killing me. OUCHY! Next week will be the last day of bowling till next fall and I can honestly say I'm ready to have this break. The good news is that my team is on the top but next week is the roll-off for first place of the season. My teammates can't be there at our regular time so we will pre-bowl an hour earlier. That may be good for us. We'll see.

Today I came home early to get my bowling ball and shoes and to check the mail. I was pleasantly surprised to find my new CD from my favorite group, Better Than Ezra. It is a pre-release CD that I ordered direct from them and the biggest surprise is that it is autographed. YEAH! I'm so happy. I put it immediately in my car to listen to on the way to the bowling alley. (They will be here June 2 at FlyTrap.) So there I was having a wonderful music filled drive to the bowling alley, windows down, taking in the spring air when I passed a newly mowed lawn. The scent of the freshly mowed grass was intoxicating but I only got a quick whiff as I then passed by a building that was getting a new tar roof. YUCK! The smell assaulted my nostrils. Talk about killing a moment, that did it.

On to some painting updates. I finished my fan pictures so here is the finished project.

Now this is the next picture I have started. It is the basket of potatoes. I sketched it, then we did a study in light where I used black and browns to find the light and dark in the picture and yesterday I started the color part. Sadly I will not be able to work again on it until the end of June. The classes are out until June 2 but The Hubby and I will be on vacation part of June. I will just have to practice some stuff at home and maybe I'll sketch on our trip and get some great photos for a new painting.


Char said...

the painting is beautiful. and you love BTE? fantastic - I've seen them live a few times as they are good old New Orleans boys. my favorite song by them remains Desparately Wanting.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love the painting!!!! When you posted the pick way back when it was one of my favorites and the painting is even better!!!

Dont you love it when you have great music playing in your car and have a BEAUTIFUL world all around you?

We are drying out here, sunshine hopefully by Saturday!!!!

Miss Disaster said...

wow, these are very nice!

Kay said...

OK... Now I'm seriously impressed! Your fan photo is fantastic with all the light highlights and shadows. Your basket of potatoes is something to frame and put up in your livingroom for everybody to admire. Lovely.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Holy Cow!
You are a Jill of All Trades!
Love the paintings!
...AND you scrapbook??

SHIMI said...

nice to be here

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Jill I am SERIOUSLY impressed with your painting talent, these are just wonderful!