Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check, check, check

My check list so far is getting shortened. I've really got a lot done the past few days and it feels really good. This weekend I will start assembling my clothes to make sure I have everything I need, do washing and possibly clean out my closet a bit. I'm a little anxious, mainly during the morning when I feel like I have a lot to do. This morning at the personal trainer place I started walking on the treadmill and thinking, bad thing. My stomach started knotting up and my blood pressure on the handles started rising a bit just because I was anxious. I'm so not a good traveler. I decided I needed to run so I amped it and ran for about 5 minutes and it felt really good. It really eased up the nerves a bit. In fact I had a great workout. I'm going to hurt tomorrow.

Last night was not too good sleep wise either. I had a very scary nightmare. The kind where there are ghosts and monsters. I felt like a little kid. It happened about 1 am and left me with my heart pounding and wide awake till about 2:30. I hate that. When I finally fell asleep the TV alarm was going off at 4:45. I'm a little tired but still anxious. It may be this way till we leave. I attribute the nightmare to drinking a caffeinated drink late in the evening. I usually hold my caffeine to 2 a day, early.

Check Make keys for house sitters who will stay in our house while gone
Check buy sample meds, Dramamine, Aleve, toothpaste
Check pickup travel documents, passports
Check camera, digital disks (find the one I already bought)
bird food (one less-lost Neo yesterday)
Check finish organizing my room (today!)
Check buy travel guides and maps of Ireland
measure suitcase
Check Kindle - charged and books ready to read
Check IPOD - charged and music ready to listen too
endless bullets that I can't think of right now.................................
Check Power of Attorney for my Daddy and his legal papers for his surgery


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You could be a professional list maker.

Char said...

you're doing great at this organizational thing! working out always helps stress - I need to do that too.

lagirl said...

The Sandman told me he was gonna make sure you get a good nights sleep tonight.
"Sweet Dreams"!