Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lists, lists, lists...

We are now 10 days on the countdown for our trip and I've got so much to do.

  • Make keys for house sitters who will stay in our house while gone

  • buy sample meds, Dramamine, Aleve, toothpaste

  • clothes

  • pickup travel documents, passports

  • camera, digital disks (find the one I already bought)

  • bird food (one less-lost Neo yesterday)

  • finish organizing my room (today!)

  • buy travel guides and maps of Ireland

  • measure suitcase

  • Kindle - charged and books ready to read

  • IPOD - charged and music ready to listen too

  • endless bullets that I can't think of right now.................................

  • Power of Attorney for my Daddy and his legal papers for his surgery

My mind is just full of stuff right now, so much so that I can't even put a thought together. Today I will stay home again and "hopefully" finish my room organization. Tomorrow I need to go get the temporary power of attorney for my daddy to give to my Bro for Daddy's surgery. Daddy will have his post-op next Tuesday and then two days after we leave he will have his hip replaced. I'm trying not to dwell too much on that. It will be bad enough that I will be gone, don't need to make myself crazy about it. He will be in good hands with Bro and Sis.

On a good note! Next Thursday is my birthday!!!! YEAH!!!! JUNE 4th!!!! Not too keen that I will be 53 but that's okay. The main thing I want to do is eat sushi at In The Raw! Love sushi and I've done that since I turned 50 on my birthday. We might go see Better Than Ezra at Flytrap too but will play that one by ear as I have seen them before. I don't want to do anything too stressful that day. I will have my nails done, hair done and be ready to relax, if I can two days before travel. Might be a little antsy. I was reading the travel stuff and realized that I may have to deal with some high places, but I think I can do it and I want to. I may cry and have a little mini-breakdown but I need to do it to show I can, to an extent. Heights are not my friend. It was not pretty at the Eiffel Tower.

Is it just me or is Blogger having some issues! I'm getting kind of tired of it.


Kay said...

I've noticed problems with blogspot also. I hope they fix it soon.

Good luck with all your packing. I would recommend a small multiple outlet in case there aren't enough outlets in the room for charging your kindle, camera batteries, MP3 player, etc. Also... the International power converter.

I'm so excited for you, Jill. Have a happy birthday with lots of sushi.

Char said...

it is having some issues if you try to open a blog and you're doing anything else, then it will crash that open.

Kay took my suggestion about the converter. That gnome commercial makes me laugh all the time. Also, when you're there - make sure you have some "american" snacks with you because one of my friends said it was almost impossible to get some things she liked sometimes.

you're going to have the best time!

lagirl said...

I'm so anxious for your trip too. Then, we'll get to see the sights of Ireland through your photos, won't we? Good thing you've got a list made so you can check things off as you go...Deep breaths. You're gonna have sooooo much fun!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You can really clean up a room.

Liara Covert said...

Found you through charlaneg blog. Keeping track of what matters enables you to discard the extraneous. Over time, everyone is invited to figure out what this means. Its a personal journey. Learn what you choose.

Susan said...

Your before and after shots are great. Good work. I also take the stretchy air-sickness bands to wear on my wrists. They help with heights for me, as well as motion sickness. They are really quite snug, but I have to get past that to keep from getting wonky. Sorry that you lost a bird. Rock out on your birthday. Hope you have many, many more. Enjoy your trip. Susan