Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Freezing

What the heck has happened to our lovely spring. It is May 16th and I'm sitting on the deck in socks, tennis shoes, jeans, long sleeved t-shirt, and a JACKET! I'm freezing. I'm so ready for the heat, bring it on PLEASE, and enough with the rain please. I'm beginning to grow moss on the left side of my body! Poor B. Yesterday she set up her booth at the Blue Dome District. She has done fine money wise, at least until they got there this morning and all, not some but all of the Blue Dome tents were down and most of the tent poles were busted. They just bought the tent. So there go some of the profits. Luckily one of her friends that is selling stuff with them has a father who owns a tent they could borrow to finish out the weekend. OH MY GOD, I'm going to have to find a coat somewhere!

This morning I awoke after a night of listening to rain and thunder and watching lightening light up our bedroom window. It was actually warmer I think when I arose because I was on our screened-in porch reading my latest book (have to finish up the actual books before I can use my Kindle). I luckily filled the bird feeders last night so I would not have to deal with wet bird feeders this morning. The birds were coming fast, along with the squirrels and chipmunks. Those pesky blue jays can sure chase off some good birds. I spent part of the morning visiting with Harri then back to the cabin with my camera to set up some pics possibly for some painting ideas.I want to incorporate these things into a painting as the clothes pin bag is from the Purina Feed Store that my grandfather had and the kettle was his grandmothers.

While snapping pictures I spied a pair of blue buntings and when I was about through a Baltimore Oriole on the suet feeder (I think). These are real good shots but you might be able to tell.

I am not going to read any blogs or comment till tomorrow as I'M FREEZING and just wanted to at least post a entry but that is all my little fingers and tootsies can take today.


Kay said...

You're so lucky to have all those beautiful birds at your feeder. Lots of people set out bird feeders in Illinois when we lived there including us. Very few do here because the birds can be a nuisance. I still love to look at them and enjoy them but not at our house because they are forever trying to nest where you don't want them to.

Kay said...

P.S. I hope it starts to warm up for you.

Char said...

I really love the bag and kettle together. Can't wait to see you working on this one.

hope you're keeping warm.

beth said...

I could have written your exact words's cold here today in wisconsin !!

I'm with you....bring on the heat !!!

SheezKrafty said...

We are survivors though! The sales and interest from so many wonderful people have made the death of the tent ok!

And I love the first pick of the sangster sack and the pitcher :) I think it would be fun to do and cool to have!

Nicki and Mathis said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day!! Hope you warm up a bit! We had a cool front come in this weekend too, but I really enjoyed it!

lagirl said...

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