Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Disturbing Dreams

I was up before the dang alarm went off this morning. Actually I was jolted awake by my dreams, yelling and crying, so much in fact that my stomach hurt. I had some very disturbing dreams last night. I dream all the time lately and very vividly. The dreams last night made me wake with my jaw clenched and angry. I don't remember much but one of them I was living in a nice trailer home in the middle of nowhere, by myself. I was talking to "someone" about my tornado shelter that was in the middle of the trailer, a concrete shell. The trailer was overgrown with lots of vines that curled in and around it, sort of like the tree house in the Robinson Crusoe show. I was also holding a book to read that I had finished and was looking for another book to read. (Well, I have just finished the first installment of the Twilight series and need another book to read, easy to figure out.)

Next I was going fishing with The Hubby and our architect/friend JB in a very clear green-blue pond that was extremely deep. I had the feeling it was around the new construction area by Bass Pro in Broken Arrow by the expressway, where there used to be a horse farm. I looked in the water and there were some very odd fish and huge fish swimming around, with gigantic teeth. JB threw his line in first and caught one that flew out of the water trashing and I yelled at him to hang on. He was laughing when it flew off his hook back into the cool green depths. Oh, and the little piece of land we were standing on was just a strip of dirt with green moss about 3 feet wide, I didn't look behind us. I was afraid to. The creatures were scary, almost prehistoric with giant gnashing teeth and contorted slimy bodies. Creepy. I know where I got this from, at least the creatures. I was playing a game on ClubPOGO called PICTUREKA before I went to bed last night. It is sort of like Find Waldo, where you find objects and there were a lot of creepy creatures like in my dream, although the dream fish were more realistic than the drawn ones in the game.

The last dream was what woke me up with the crying and anger. I was driving my little red Miata down a highway, fast and there was a truck a little ways behind in the left lane as I was in the right. It was a section between Tulsa and Inola on 412 going up to the big turn to Catoosa and the casino area. I slowed because there was a huge, almost horsesize golden retriever dog running across the road and I didn't want to hit it. I slowed but the white truck in the other lane seemed to speed up and flash by me right towards the golden dog. I turned my head and didn't look but knew what was going to happen. I looked up to drive past a bloody shape of a flat dead dog and the white truck barrelling ahead to a sort of gate, or toll gate. I slowed my car at almost a standstill at the gate and the man was getting out laughing and talking to a bunch of people, like it was a party place and his car had turned into a golf cart. He was wearing yellow golf clothes too. I reached out my hand and smacked him on the back and asked why he couldn't stop, didn't he see the dog. The Hubby was standing there next to him laughing and talking to other people also. I was crying and yelling at him but he just shrugged his shoulders.

That was when I woke up feeling horrible. I had been crying in my dream and yelling and my jaw was killing me as it was clinched in anger. My back hurt and my stomach was in a knot. Well, I guess you are supposed to dream, that means you are in REM sleep but dammit not with those kinds of dreams. I have been dreaming a lot lately but these were the most disturbing ones I've had in a long time.

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