Friday, November 07, 2008

Phone calls in the middle of the night

Again we were hit with phone calls in the middle of the night. About midnight the phone rang and I jumped out of bed scrambling to find the cordless phone. Of course, The Hubby grumbled about the interruption to his slumber but I am the one who usually has to deal with the phone in the middle of the night. It was the youngest, A and she was not feeling well. She has been having this pain in her side and lower back off and on for a few days and I told her it sounded like her kidneys. She has always had kidney infections, same as my mother, my grandmother and myself. She apparently she had been at choir rehearsal and someone told her it might be appendicitis so she thought that was it and she was scared. Let me say that she is in California and the time of this phone call was about 10 pm her time. I told her that I could not help her in Oklahoma and if she felt she needed to go to the emergency room she needed to have her guy Gruno take her. I guess she is okay because I have not heard another word from her today although she has talked to her sister and father. I finished being a momma from a distance and crawled back into bed to try to dose off again. The phone again rang at 1 am. There was a hysterical girl on the other end and I could hardly make out what was going on, especially for a half awake person. The sobbing slowed down and I finally heard it was A's friend Ash that lives in California too. (They went to high school together here.) She wanted to know if I knew where her mother was. What! Why would I know where her mother was, I barely know her. I calmed her down and then listened to her "problem". She is living in CA with her Godfather because her parents won't pay for her living there anymore and she got kicked out of her apartment for not paying her bills. The Godfather, she said, had made a play for her. He wanted her to break up with her boyfriend and marry him, he was in love with her. This man is a good 40 years older than her. I really don't know how much of the story is true because this young lady is quite the actress and I think she is reaching out for attention, from her parents for the monetary support that they have taken away. I was there for her and hopefully I helped her but what a night.

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