Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Celebration of Food, Music and Culture

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but B teaches at the junior college part time. She teaches in the ESL (English as a Second Language) department. Today she took me to a celebration with the students and teachers. Everyone brought food from there culture to share. Oh my goodness the smells that wafted throughout the room was awesome. There were students from: Syria, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Koren, India, China, Russia and Kazakhstan, just to name a few. The food ranged from tamales, samosas cooked like eggrolls or deep fried, salads, kabobs with homemade yogurt, rice pudding, Asian gelatin's, taco soup, just awesome food. After we pudged our stomachs the students cranked up the music. They danced salsa, rap, and for some strange reason there was a common song they all loved that talked about "move her body like a cyclone." B warned me that they might grab you and want you to dance, but thank goodness I was left alone. It was great fun watching the students and teachers dance and laugh and have the best time. A great luncheon, truly. I know the pictures are fuzzy but is the best I have from a memorable occasion. The first picture is me trying to find paper to write so I could remember so I could blog about it later. All I could find was an envelop that contained a bill to jot down notes. The second picture is of the gelatin's which were very beautiful. The rest of the pictures are the dancing and the older lady was a hoot. I think she works at TCC. She had a great time shaking her booty.

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