Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've been doing a lot of thinking the past couple of weeks. A lot of things have happened and are going to happen. First the big news is (as you can see from my counter) a mere few days away and I will be on my way to my spa trip. I've been wanting to go to the Lake Austin Spa for about 10 years and really wanted to go last year for my 50th birthday but with the state of my mother that was an impossibility. I'm a little nervous because I'm flying by myself for the first time and that is making my stomach really on edge but I'm willing to go through it.

This week we went to a memorial service for a young man that left this world by his own way. It was a very sad situation. He was raised with his siblings in Egypt by his missionary parents. He came back to the US (along with his siblings) to finish out their high school years and to let them get used to living in the US and the American people. When he finished high school he decided to join the Marines. He spoke fluent Arabic and the military wanted him to be an interpreter but he wanted to be on the front lines and he was and still ended up being both. He was 24 years old and married for a year. I met this young man one time and it struck me that he was extremely quiet and sullen and looked sad. When The Hubby told me he had passed away my first question was, "Did he commit suicide?" The Hubby didn't know for a few days but I just knew it. What a huge conflict in his head to be raised missionary and then go into the war conflict and be a major part of it. How very, very sad. (The memorial service was 1-1/2 hours long.)

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