Saturday, June 23, 2007


I'm up this morning, 6 am, which is an hour extra of sleep. My eyes popped open and my first thoughts were of the airport and finding where I get my ticket, my gate, walking through the security, ALONE. I'm so very nervous that I didn't think I could drink my coffee. My whole body is tingling with anticipation of my big day. I keep telling myself it is all good, I just wish my stomach was listening to my head. Today will be so full of stuff I won't really have time to think about. We have a huge family reunion at the Mother-in-Law's house for a few hours and then we rush home to doll up for a wedding reception of friends who were married in Antiqua (sp) last week. What a whirlwind day. Oh no it has started to rain AGAIN. My poor MIL is probably paniced because she has invited over 75 people to the reunion and it's going to be a fish fry OUTDOORS!

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