Saturday, June 09, 2007

Live from Dallas (actually Richardson, TX)

Here I am at the Hampton Inn, Richardson, Texas at The Hubby's family reunion. We made the drive with the MIL and it was quite pleasant. We had a little scare driving down when a semi loaded with flat sandstone (HUGE) pavers began to lose its load. The Hubby started to slow and pointed to the semi ahead and we watched as two smaller cars were along side and were amazed that they did not see the sliding paver. Suddenly the stone fell off and the two cars veered to the shoulder of the road while the stone shattered into dust and chunks. Fortunately the cars avoided any hits. The Hubby got on his cell phone and called the highway patrol and reported the semi who was getting ready to lose another rock. The driver was totally unaware of the situation. We got close enough to see the license plate and were able to report the truck to the police. Whew, pretty scary stuff and quickly got the adrenaline up for the remainder of the trip. Oh, and The Hubby's new Avalanche truck window was hit by a small rock from another semi truck before the other incident that was hauling rock. He was pissed off let me tell you.

Back to the reunion. Last night we met in a small meeting room and one by one hugged, laughed and reminisced about what has happened to each other in the two years since we all had last met. We have this reunion ever other year. It was really great fun. Today The Hubby went golfing with his uncle and cousins...funny since he has NEVER gone golfing before. I can't wait for the report of his day. Another of his girl cousins, Kim has an antique store so several of the rest of the family will go shopping and visit her store. So, I have a lot of time to kill since we are not getting together till around 1 or 1:30. I am blogging, then I think I will sit around the pool and read a little, but this is Texas so it should get pretty hot pretty quick. I may just sit in the lobby since there is not much else to do.

The MIL is trying to find her niece's (other side of the family) phone number to call and possibly visit while down here. The numbers she had were not any good any more. My BIL came by and said they couldn't seem to find her. I asked if they called the MIL's SIL (brother died) because I knew she would have her daughters phone number. The BIL looked at me and said, "We didn't think of that." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny. I couldn't believe it. I also suggested they call the nephew since he would probably be easier to find than the niece since she was married. Excuse me but really not thinking outside of the wrapping on the box....hahahahahaha. I wonder sometimes.

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Lisa said...

That is really scarey about the Semi-truck. Eeeek.