Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lake Austin Spa Update-anybody got an umbrella

Well, it is Wednesday and it is very soggy here. I went to bed with it raining and today the weather report said it was 100% rain. The bad thing is that the upper part of the lake system here has had 18 inches of rain overnight (8 in 1 hour). They have opened 2 gates in the dam and are going to open two more. There are a system of dams so they are opening them slowly up the river/lake system. I have watched one of the little floating docks go under water and they are bringing in a huge truck with pallets of sand bags to shore up the main building. My cabin is very high so I'm not worried but if the power goes out they will close down so not sure what will happen then. I will keep you posted. glub, glub, glub...

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