Thursday, May 10, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Open mouth, insert foot. That famous statement was utilized not by myself but The Hubby to me tonight. The story goes...

Me, "We're having steaks tonight."

The Hubby, "You want me to blacken' them."

Me, "No."

The Hubby, "Why don't you like blackening."

Me, "It's too fattening with all the butter used. It's just not very healthy for you."

The Hubby, "I don't know what you mean since you don't eat healthy anyway."

Me with my jaw hitting the ground, "Excuse Me! I don't season with butter if you haven't noticed."

The Hubby backpeddling his words, "Well, I mean you eat large servings."

He then walked outside for a minute and I was absolutely stunned and shocked by his crap statement. I may look heavy but dammit I work out five days a week and I cook VERY healthly and I do eat healthy. Yesterday at the office as he was digging around in the refrigerator he found a half eaten candy bar and asked me if it was mine and mind you we have 9 other employees that use that fridge. I said, "I don't eat candy bars. Why do you think it has to be mine." I'm telling you I have a fabulous husband who for the major part of our 31 years of marriage is so totally understanding and wonderful and just wonderful but in this area he is HORRIBLE. Mister skinny-minny, Mister workout, I can drop 5 pounds in a day kind of guy just doesn't understand. He who has cholestrol triglycerides stress problems (and I don't at all) just burns me. ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!


Unknown said...

No steak for you oh tactful husband!

LiveLee said...

has he always made comments over the years or just in recent months?