Monday, May 28, 2007

OH NO!!!!!

Well, The Hubby has found out something and he is extremely upset. Yes, and I knew about it all along but was afraid to tell him. He found out that our #2 daughter's (age 21-June 22 will be 22-living in California) boyfriend is a little older. Yes he is older, 36 to be exact. The Hubby is so upset that all I hear from him is a gush of air as he sighs over his worry of the news. He also found out that the guy was married before too. Yes I know, I know, I know, but what can you do halfway across the country. She is an adult. We have been paying for her rent but that will stop when she MOVES IN WITH HIM in July. The news just piles up on this subject. He thought that we should have pushed harder for her to stay in college but after two attempts and her FAILING every class why should we try. She wants to be in California and feels that is her life, so be it. She will have to find her way. He thinks that she will be calling when the guy gets tired of her little girl temper tantrums but I had to remind him that was while she was home and a CHILD and it was his inability to deal with a whiney girl. He was the youngest of three boys and his experience with girls was nil. Girls are girls and they can be high maintenance and he was just not used to that. He is remembering her life as a little high maintenance girl not a woman that she is. He couldn't understand why his girls choose older men. Hello, the #1 daughter is only 3 years younger than her guy. I also reminded him about the statements he makes to his single older men friends,"go out and get a younger girl." Excuse me but it's happened to his girls and he is freaked out. What's a mother/wife to do. You have to let them go and make their mistakes no matter how hard. She will be OK. I have faith in her and for goodness sake she is so very happy right now and I haven't seen her that happy in a very long time. So be it.

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