Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rainy Days and "Thursday"

Rain, Rain, Rain...I know we need it but enough is enough. It is supposed to be "April showers bring May flowers" but this time it is "May showers bring drowned flowers." I have this awesome new car with a retractable hardtop and I hardly get to use it. I know that Oklahoma summer has yet to hit and I will have ample time to put the top down but I have a new toy and I want to play with it.

Do you ever find that there are some people that just make you go ooooo yuck and they really haven't done anything to you, maybe. Well, we know a couple, especially the husband that just makes me cringe and want to be nasty too and that is NOT like me AT ALL! (I am never mean to people, at least knowingly.) We have a lake house in a gated community and so the amount of homeowners there is rather small so the community is small. There is a homeowners board and I was asked a few years ago to sit on it. This man was the VP and going to be the Pres the next year, anyway I got shafted on doing the treasurers job and had to quit when my body and mind went absolutely haywire on the amount of crap I had to do (another story). This man that I hardly know at all has the gall to call me "darlin" all the time and Mister I am NOT your "darlin". He and his wife are absolutely the cutest couple you've ever seen (gag). The wife is just too cute and sticky sweet and way over the top with kindness. The husband is very handsome and very outspoken (as I said "darlin".) They have very outgoing dispositions to the point of nausea. Well, their daughter is getting married in a wedding to match Prince Charles and Diana, I mean, the girl actually has her whole college sorority as her bridesmaids....hello, over the top, and this is a fairly small town I think. They also went to Chicago to buy her wedding dress and go back and forth to have the fittings. Anyway, at one of the lake functions where everyone was at attendance the wife was gushing about the wedding and announced to some of us women that were standing in a circle to "Save the Date" for the wedding, I was standing among the women. (Wow, I thought I might be invited to this thing, huh...think again.) We've been "accidently" invited to their cabin for a dinner before (right place right time.) Well, then I found out that there is a huge wedding shower this weekend for the daughter at the lake and everyone in our little area of cabins has been invited...but not us. That's quite OK since I hardly know the girl, but so does half the people up there. Should I be hurt? Well, not really, but I am. We just can't break into the one group that has all the parties, although I'm in a little group that doesn't party with them either but we've been to several group efforts that includes many of the people up there, just not them. This weekend we saw them and I went out of my way to be nice and ask how they were, how's the wedding planning going, you know being nice and I will continue to be nice but I feel sometimes that we are out of our element up there by some people. Just because we are fairly new money doesn't give people the right to be snobby. They are not any better ,do you think. Maybe I'm getting it all wrong but my feelings get a little hurt by this crap. I'm thinking of doing a little gift for the girl anyway. I won't buy anything but I make a mean potholder on the sewing machine and those homemade gifts are nice. What do you think?

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