Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day

I've been hesitating on writing because I wasn't sure how my feelings were on this subject since Momma passed away. May has been a tough emotional month for my family. May 6 (Sunday) would have been Momma and Daddy's 52nd wedding anniversary. I stopped by my sister's house because she was having Daddy over for her famous roast and veggies and I invited myself on the way back from the lake. Daddy arrived and was a little quiet. He had been to the cemetary taking flowers to her grave and then he took pictures of her marker with his new digital camera. He said he thought we girls wanted to see them....(NOT) ... anyway, Sunday really sucked. Now we are dealing with Mother's Day. First I don't have a momma anymore and then one of my little chicks has really flown the coop and lives halfway across the continent. THIS SUCKS! My momma was my best friend and I miss her dearly. OK, now that is out of my system I'll rant on an offshoot of that subject...

Visiting graves...let's just say gross and yuck. I don't enjoy doing that and my Daddy loves to do that. My Daddy likes to go to the cemetary and cry and sob and cry. Several years ago after his Mom and Dad and brother passed away, and when he was drinking heavily, he would go to the cemetary and cry and sob and cry and then show up on my doorstep swaying in the wind with puffy eyes. (We lived close to the cemetary then.) As far as I am concerned once you are dead you are gone from this earth, somewhere, but NOT IN THAT CASKET! I guess it gives him comfort to know that is where she is but I find that creepy to think that my Momma is in the cold ground with the rain and snow and bugs and YUCK! I prefer not to think of that.

Whew...I guess I'm through rambling. Sorry this is a downer of a blog. Oh, and I hate all the Hallmark Mother's Day commercials!

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