Thursday, May 24, 2007

A phone call you don't want to get.

I just got a phone call from our #1 daughter (27 years old) and I could hardly understand her as she was sobbing. I told her to slow down so I could make out what was so upsetting. When she took a deep breath she told me her gynocologist had called her and said her pap smear came back with abnormal cells...cervical dysplasia. B was almost unconsolable. I explained to her that she need not panic. I explained that Granny had that many years ago in her 50's and she lived till 70. I went on with more examples like that my cousin had it and that our other daughters best friend had it at age 19 and is now happily raising a 6 month old daughter. I tried to calm her down but I was worried also. She tends to get so very scared over health issues and is a hypochroniac over the least little thing. She goes back into the doctor June 5 for a more indepth test but until then she will be a basket case. I did tell her that she was very smart for having her pap smear every year and to realize that so many girls/women don't do that and if she had not just think what the outcome could have been. She has to look on the bright side or she will make herself crazy.

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Lisa said...

SO glad you were there to answer her call and comfort her. My sis and mom have had alot of abnormal pap smears too.

Please blog about how things turn out.

And your a Gemini huh? Well, now that I live with one, I realize that my Gemini's traits make life very fun and interesting. :-)