Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's Over!

It's finally over...yes the 10th Annual Flashlight Collector's Show is finally over. The Hubby and I hosted the first one and now the 10th one. It was quite fun but I'm glad it is over. There weren't too many people about 35 so it was small. All they talked about during dinner, breaks, after dinner, in the hallways, etc., were flashlights and batteries and rivets, and light bulbs. Even some of the wives were into it and there was even a lone woman who has a really nice collection. Amazing! We had people from Minnesota, California, Michigan, South Dakota, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Idaho, Texas, and Missouri so it does bring people in. We've been playing host and hostess since Wednesday and boy do I need some quiet time and just plain silence. There is just so much I can take about flashlights. I'm NOT one of the wives who collects or works on the flashlights. I'm just an innocent bystander who tags along as the good wife. I did do a LOT of the work in planning the weekend event and will gladly take credit for it. Since it was so small it was an easy task: hotel, meals, room rates, maps, late night snacks and know the usual convention stuff. We seem to have done a marvelous job, according to the participants. Some of the people had never been to Oklahoma, particularly northeastern Oklahoma, called Green Country. They thought anywhere from country towns, dry dust and windy (like Western Oklahoma), and were amazed by how many stores and restaurants there were. It's amazing what people STILL think of us Okie's and our "land." Yes we are uptown around here. I have to give the restaurant Outback Steakhouse a thumbs up. Friday evening we descended upon them 24 strong at 7 pm and they immediately sat 14 of our party and within 15 minutes the last 7 in between the others. The service was fantastic and timely and the little waitress was dead on with our orders and everything. Basically, the whole weekend went off without a hitch and everyone was impressed and appreciative for all we had done. It was actually very easy.