Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sneakers, Reading and Steam Engines

Really not a lot going on lately, just the mundane day to day BOREDOM!  I did get these sweet little kickers the other day.  They are Skechers and I first saw them in an ad on FB.  I scrolled by it and they just caught my eye.  That little rose print has always been a favorite of mine ever since my girls were babies.  I used to find similar fabric and make little dresses or rompers for the girls or even a shirt for myself.  I LOVE little pink rosebuds!  So I went on the hunt for these sneakers and found them on their website after a bit.  I ordered in the size I thought would fit and they arrived last week.  OH GOODNESS, I was absolutely giddy when they arrived and I opened the box.  They even have little diamond sparkles on them....I AM IN LOVE!  Plus they fit perfectly.  
I am not a shoe person by any stretch of the imagination.  When I was young and had good feet, I never wore shoes, ever.  I even walked part of the 20 mile Walk For Mankind thing when I was 14 or 15 part of the way barefoot.  I wouldn't wear shoes now if I  could but my feet are too tender, I've let them go.  Sadly I MUST wear shoes.  These will work though!

The weekend brought an entire weekend with Snicklefritz.  We stayed in town because The Hubby was supposed to go to BluesFest in Jenks or Bixby (or something like that.)  But with all the rain that had occurred during the week he knew it would be way too muddy so he didn't go Friday night.  He did go dancing at the Elks Club to celebrate one of the dance friends 73 birthday Saturday night.  Snicklefritz and I had our own plans.  Friday night Little Min and her momma came over to spend the evening as her Daddy had been in LA for a music gig for 10 days.  They were bored at home.  Snicklefritz and Little Min always have a great time but Snicklefritz was certainly deep into her reading this weekend.  When I picked her up from school she started reading her book all the way home and continued when we got inside.  She kept picking it up off and on all evening long until she finished the book then started another one.  Her book bag was stuffed to bulging with books.  
That evening she stopped for a bit and was reading when Little Min decided she wanted to join.  She ran off into "their bedroom" to find some of her little picture books to emulate Snicklefritz.  It was so cute.  Snicklefritz finished that book later in the evening and started yet another book.  By Sunday she had nearly finished the third book.  I love that we instilled the love of reading to another generation.  That love has been directly passed down generation to generation from my mother and her parents.  It just makes my heart explode with love and what a beautiful homage to my mother on Mother's Day.  

Saturday we were going to the studio but The Hubby planned on going to the Pawnee Steam Engine Show and he wanted to take Snicklefritz.  He used to take Little Min's momma when she was young, even camping there.  Snicklefritz wanted to go but before they had to buy her a hat and sunscreen.  They were off by 9 am and I had the day to myself.  I painted at the studio!  

Sunday morning I took Snicklefritz to the studio as she loves to go there.  We really did nothing as I was not in the mood to paint but we did visit a lot and I gave her a painting of Clayton I had done that really was that great but she loved.  Before we got there though I took her to get flowers for her Momma for the day, sweet little Dutch Iris'.  She was pretty happy.  

Oh well, that was a lot of words about not much.  Have a good day my friends. 

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