Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Rain, Turtles and Orchids

Good morning my lovelies!  

My goodness this RAIN.  I'm so over it as I would imagine most everyone else is.  Plus we actually turned on the heat at the cabin this past weekend.  If this continues, as it is supposed to, the wigwam may be flooded yet again and we will be doing the painting thing at our cabin once again.  Oh well, a day at a time.
Wednesday was my "book club" or as they like to call it, "the restaurant club."  LOL!  We mostly eat at good eateries and talk a little bit about the book club.  It's great fun and we've been doing it for over 10 years now.  Amazing really.  It's whittled down to only 7 of us with mostly 4-5 ever showing up.  That's really a great number.  There's a lot of travelers in the group so we get to live through their stories of travel.  

My orchids, oh my orchids.  Honestly because I was in so much pain and didn't want to do ANYTHING for so long I thought they were dying.  But when I got home from the hospital B got rid of the dead stuff and watered them and Snicklefritz has watered them a few times and I have.  Imagine my surprise when I realized they were nearly all going to bloom.  They LOVE this window of diffused light from the south and north from the French doors.  I need to get some better photos of them before the flowers are gone to maybe paint some more of the orchids and glass series!!!

As I said we headed to the cabin this past weekend with Snicklefritz in tow.  The Hubby had to go early in the morning to meet the propane guy and I waited for Snicklefritz to get out of school to head out.  A few weekends before when The Hubby and Snicklefritz went to the Steam Engine show in Pawnee, he bought her a hat, much like his and he was insistent she bring it as they were going FISHING!  Fishing in the new/used canoe, upstream to Blue Hole for bait.  Alas, the weather was not really conducive for fishing and she didn't pack anything warm enough even though they went anyway.  I gave her one of my sweaters to wear knowing full well it would come back wet and muddy, I wasn't wrong.  HaHa.  That kiddo loves mud, minnows, worms, just nature.  Her fingernails are never without dirt under them because she is always playing around in dirt.  I love it.  She talked non-stop about her pet turtle she has at home in her backyard, non-stop!  We were able to sit out on the screen porch Friday evening with a little fire most of the evening and most of Saturday but later in the day, brrrrrr, I went inside. Good GRIEF, I posted on FB that "Mother Nature - whoever on your staff flipped the winter switch back to ON needs to be fired!"
It's crazy this stupid weather.  


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