Monday, May 02, 2022

Mother's Day

Wow, April is gone and May is upon us.  Spring seems to be slowly going by with winter finally giving up the ghost.  This next weekend, according to my calendar, is Mother's Day.  So many mothers to honor and so many mother's to miss for many.
Yesterday we had lunch/dinner or linner-lunner with my siblings and their spouses.  Sitting across the table from my sister I was struck by how much she looks like Momma.
Especially her laugh, not her disposition.  My sister is a one of a kind and she was hot yesterday with all kinds of snarky comebacks.  Made me kind of shut down and not respond to her particular kind of vile.  She is my sister and I've always said, "to know D is to love D," but sometimes not.  LOL!  
I so miss my momma.  I think of her often these past 16 years and how much she would have loved, LOVED the great-grandgirls and would have been so very proud of all her grandchildren.  She was an amazing grandmother, as a mother she was pretty awesome too but we all know that we ALL, ALL have our faults.  No one is perfect, even though you want them to be.  But I loved my Momma with all my heart and she was my best friend.  I miss being able to call her and just talk like my girls do to me.  I know sometimes she would roll her eyes over the phone but she listened to me without complaint.  She was always there for me.  I try to be for my girls.  

My girls, oh my girls.  They are the best mothers and I am so very proud of them in how they are raising their children.  They are doing an absolutely amazing job.

I think my mother and my mother-in-law, another wonderful mother, have been great inspiration for them to raise their babies.  Lots and lots of love and understanding and guidance to raise the future generation.  

So Happy Mother's Day to my Momma and mother-in-law in heaven and to my wonderful girls.  They give inspiration to me to be the best for them. 


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