Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Saturday Ramble

Wow, it's Saturday morning, 5:56 a.m. and I am AWAKE!  I could have slept in but NOOOOoooo, my mind just would not let me.  Of course Clayton is awake at five to eat. so up I am then the mind just goes and goes and goes.  Oh well I thought, I might as well just get up and get a head start on some painting this morning.  Besides, The Hubby said last night that if I got up early enough we could go out for breakfast.  I LOVE to eat breakfast out, one of my favorite things to do.  I think the rain is stopping today, finally.  I really need to check my garden but the ground is just to squishy to even step out in the yard.  I did have some baby cucumbers and tomatoes but they may be gone at this point.  This next week they are saying SUNSHINE!  I'm stoked for sure.  

Thursday will be the beginning of the last year to live in my 50's...I will turn 59 years old.  Every year since I turned 50 when my birthday rolls around I immediately think, "It's been 9 years since Gail died.  It's been 9 years since our sweet dog died.  It's been 9 years since Momma died." I can't seem to get past the devastation the year I turned 50.  I'm not as sad anymore, thank goodness.  It seems to just be a momentary thought.  I have surely moved on to celebrate better things like my painting, which I get great joy out of.  I also have Rio to make my days brighter.  She is the sunshine in my life.  I have moved on to much better thoughts and happier times but there is still that brief flash of a thought each year.  

On the subject of painting, I have completed several commission works this week and am quite proud of them.  
Catch of the Day (commission) SOLD

Sophie (SOLD)


Lucy (work in progress)

Oh, and we went shopping!  The Hubby has one aunt left, Aunt Bette.  She is 83 years old and the lone sibling left of his father (there were 3).  She is a darling lady and a few weeks ago had a horrible stroke but seems to be doing very well.  Anyway, she told this story to The Hubby several years ago about his dad and he wanted to do something special for her because of the story.  It goes like this:  She was much younger than his dad and one day she told her parents there were these really snazzy cowboy boots she wanted.  The were all the rage in the day with cute dresses.  Her parents said absolutely not, they were not appropriate for young girls.  When her brother, The Hubby's father, heard the story he bought her a cute pair of boots and sent them to her anyway, said she should have them.  They were too small but she never told him and wore them blisters and all because of the love that went with the gift.  The Hubby wanted to find her a snazzy pair of cowboy boots so we went shopping.  I have been wanting to go for sometime to find myself another pair and since my birthday was this week....well, I got a pair too.  And since Aunt Bette and I wear the same size I got to try on lots of boots!  I loved these kind of gray, brown and black pair!  We found a cut pair for Aunt Bette with turquoise on them and they are in the mail as of yesterday!  Can't wait for her to open the package! 


Linda Kay said...

Oh, my...Jill, your painting of the Maltese dog is identical to my dear departed Sophie dog! You did a great job of capturing the eyes. All lovely. Sorry for your memories of being 50, but glad you have Rio to brighten your days now.

carolann said...

Love your painting. Another talent blogger.

Hugs your way Jill.

Sweet Tea said...

I bet your aunt will be thrilled with her boots!
Great story!!