Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stormy Weather (and More)

Wow, last night was a storming all over Green Country.  Yes we have needed the rain but Mother Nature has gone a bit overboard to play catch-up this spring.  There were some tornado touchdowns around in the Broken Arrow area and so the first thing I did this morning was text my brother and call my daddy to make sure all were okay and they were.  It was scary with the tornado sirens going off all over last night as I lay in bed but I knew by watching the weather that it was south of us.  I watched to make sure those I love were okay though.  It's funny that I used to tease that if I were ever in a tornado they would probably find me on the toilet.  That is because that is usually where I stayed as my stomach would be a mess.  Now, I barely flicker with the tummy thing.  I guess I've gotten over my fears of it and let's face it, what can you do but hide in the storm shelter or closet or bathroom until it is done.  It is what it is.  Makes my tummy a much happier thing.  We still have rain in the forecast all week long with it even past the Memorial Day weekend (rats).  I'm kind of ready for SUMMER!  

Good news on this surgery girl is I am SOOOoooo much better.  The band-aid thingies on my five holes on the tummy have all fallen off and you can't hardly see where two of the holes were.  One of them is a tad red and itchy but I go to the doctor tomorrow for my two week post-op check up.  The inside systems seem to finally be back on track (yeah) also.  Four more weeks to heal and then back to total normal!  I even spent time at the office Thursday and Friday (a small nap Friday upstairs).  This weekend I really feel great.  I've been painting and yesterday spent 5 hours sitting at my easel!  I have a couple of commission works to do.  

This is sweet Sophie.
Yesterday, she started to appear on the canvas.  It was truly inspiration of the eyes that made her just visit me. 
Now I have to wait for the under layers to dry a bit and add lots of white fluff as she is all about being a fluffy girl. 

This one from photos by my friend Michelle.  She saw my other egret and had several she had taken and wanted me to paint.  There were a couple I liked but this one was so much brighter but the grass was so much on the face that you couldn't see the fish in it's beak.  So I combined them, plus the background was not that great so had to create it.  
Not sure I like yet but I am moving on.  I will add the grass but not so much on the face.

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