Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Surgery Girl

Thought I would give an update on Surgery Girl here!  Today it has been exactly 7 days since I underwent a robotic hysterectomy, a successful one at that.  Everyday seems better and better and the scale seems to stay the same, where my body usually likes to be.  It doesn't vary, dang it.  I had gained about 10 pounds the past six months but as of today that 10 is now gone.  I think if i could get the constipation thing under control the scale might go down a bit further.  I'm not eating junk food but I'm not exercising either.  I'm enjoying the many meals that friends have brought to us.  Last night was baked chicken, mashed new potatoes and salad.  It was yummy.  Most of the meals have been pasta something with cheese and I think cheese is a constipator too.  I have eaten a few salads which are good for me.  Definitely eating less on my plate!

I wake in the mornings feeling pretty good but by the end of the day my tummy just hurts like gas buildup.  I seem to remember someone saying that my bladder was attached somewhat to my uterus and that might explain the bladder thing hurting too, bruised.  I'm down to one pain pill the past couple of days and my goal is no more, especially by Friday as I have to go into the office and do payroll.  I look forward to that, getting out.  

I've also logged some time the past couple of days at my easel, successfully.  I never realized how exhausting that could be.  Yesterday it was all day which felt good.  I'm not finished yet:

I would like to send a shout for some good vibes for a friend.  Her husband is our right hand man at work and they are the nicest people you will ever meet.  Jamie has been battling stage 4 ovarian cancer for the past 2 years with all kind so experimental stuff, regular stuff, you name it but her body is just riddled with cancer at this point.  She is trying to hold on till their first grandchild is born, a boy, in July but at this point they don't think she will make it a month.  She has hardly missed a day of work up until now.   She is losing her battle and it is heartbreaking.  I feel sad that I am rid of that stuff with a fear of cancer but none was there.  They just need some time for her to hold that grandson.


carolann said...

I had that operation many moons ago but I was 40. I found it the easiest operation besides having a child.

My worse operation years later was bladder lift. You then talk about constipation after that operation. They won't let you home till you produce one and then they say under know circumstances do not force or strain. Right.

After my hysterectomy I was sent home with pills to help me. It worked. Soften the movements.

I also was told not to lift anything. For sure not grocery bags or anything you normally do that causes you to lift objects.
That is how I ended up with a bladder lift operation.

They told me your inside does not realize you had a hysterectomy so you will feel pain. They say you havee the playpen inside you but no baby. You even find like movements that a baby is moving. I thought what is that as I sat.

Mine lasted those pains. You learn to live with it.

You do gain weight. When your able to walk. Do that. And for sure don't eat like you did when you first young. I am 73 and I was just told. Just because your a senior don't think you can eat like when you were 40. As you don't burn it off like your 40.
So need to have seconds or lots of cookies or sweets. And especially fat on meat. Remove it. Pasta is okay but not a heap full. It is the portions.

My daughter she turned 50 and she is a real exerciser and aerobics.
Rides her bike for miles with hubby. Yet if she has a weekend where she graves sweets. Guarantee Monday morning that exercising was useless in the week she did.
We all can lose sometimes but the secret is to keep it off and put down the fork or those junk places.
Then one goes over board , hamburg, fries. Ice-cream is a real deadly put on weight.

So glad your operation is over.
Be wise with the food intake now more then worrying to exercise. Don't lift. People yes bring meals but eat small portions.

carolann said...

I prayed for that lady to let you know. Her family.

Thank you for sharing. Very sad isn't it.

Thank you for mentioning it.

Linda Kay said...

The painting looks to be going very well.

Kay said...

I'm so glad you're healing well. It's never fun to go in to surgery and go through the healing period.