Thursday, March 13, 2014

Parent Health

Finally, a wonderful sign that SPRING HAS SPRUNG here in my world!  Next week I plan on planting potatoes, onions and lettuce in my freshly tilled garden space.  

I've been out of pocket a bit this week because I've had just A LOT ON MY PLATE!  I'm in the middle of our class reunion planning and I have the address list.  Well, that stupid address list would NOT print out labels for me so I had to retype close to 350 names and addresses into MS Word to print labels.  Oh my goodness my arms, especially after arm workout yesterday...EEK!  Tonight we slap labels on Save The Date postcards at my house.  

Sunday I also stopped by Daddy's to see how he is doing.  I knew he was not feeling up to snuff lately and he still was feeling icky.  He had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I asked if he wanted me to go with him and he said YES.  He is very worried about what is going on with him.  He has absolutely no energy to even shave.  That has me scared.  He also is concerned that he might have cancer!  OH GOSH!  So Tuesday morning I took him to his doctor, a new one and I really like the guy.  It was supposed to be just a check up but after he told the doc his concerns and issues they started running tests.  The doctor seems to think that on one of his walks around the block about a month ago, when the weakness set in, he possibly had a mild heart attack!  WHAT!  For some stupid reason that did not even cross my mind but makes sense.  They did take blood, x-ray's and EKG but want more tests of which they will call me to set up.  As of today they have not called.  If by Monday afternoon they still have not called I will call the office!  With some more meds to take and emergency nitroglycerin tablets we wait.  He's also giving me some cause to worry about his mind and money but that's a whole other story.  

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