Saturday, March 08, 2014

Art Workshop

Thursday and Friday I spent in a art workshop with fellow artist and our instructor Kelli Folsom.  It was still life and landscape but because of the STUPID weather it was only still life.  I'm not much for doing stuff outside anyway so that was just fine.  I actually got to work on three different still life's, signing one.  It was so much fun.  I learned different ways to hold my brush, technique and mediums.  I worked with different colors I had not used before.  Last night I just couldn't let it go and I was painting in my dreams.  I would dream and during the dream I would be looking around to find something to paint in that moment.  Funny.  I had ordered different kinds of boards and canvas to paint on, new paints and brushes.  Unfortunately, the brushes didn't arrive until yesterday, AFTER the class.  No problem, will have fun using them on my on creations of still life.    There is another workshop in April for three days that I HOPE I can take.  It's a different instructor so different techniques.