Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Good early morning everyone.  I am kind of excited today!  Today is the first doc appointment after the knee thingy.  The stitches will finally come out.  I'm feeling so much better that I was awake at 4 this morning.  Just woke up.  Of course my head hit the pillow last night at 8:30 but I really didn't drift off till about 9:30.  So much is swimming around in my head and this doc thing today is very much on the top of the list.  

I think I forgot to tell you about my Friday at the office last week.  WHEW!  What a day.  Every other Friday is payroll day at our office.  I use the program Quickbooks Pro and have used it since 1996 with updates to the program every few years.  I got to the office fairly early that day with the intention of being done and ready to head to the cabin.  I clicked the icon to open QB and waited.  OOPS!  There was an error message.  WHAT!!!!!  ERROR!!!!!  Click again, same message.  The time was about 8:30 and I was immediately on the phone to tech support.  They have been very helpful before and I knew they would again.  I was connected to a guy in India who I allowed to take over my computer (kind of a scary thing!)  I watched as the cursor whizzed back and forth and after about 45 minutes and him receiving the same error message twice it was finally determined that my program had CRASHED!  Oh my goodness.  I was in a bit of a panic.  I HAD to do payroll for the employees.  He suggested that I go ahead and upgrade to the new version of 2013 and I quickly agreed.  Well, after yet another 45 minutes or so I had a new upgrade and my QB PRO was open and I was processing payroll.  It was very fortunate that the data files were not affected in all this.  My concern with all of this is that I sometimes I wonder that there might possibly be a glitch included in programs that cause them to hiccup every few years, forcing you to HAVE to upgrade.  Do you often question that?  


Tamara Tipton said...

Yes, I often do question that. Sort of like how your car breaks down right after the warranty runs out. Glad they got you up and running though. ;-)

I found you through NaBloPoMo, by the way!

Have a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Congrats on your doc appointment.

The Indian guys at Quick Books are very good. I've had them fix my Quicken before.

Anonymous said...

I do question that often! Good luck at the doctors!

Beryl said...

Funny thing is that I know appliances are built to barely last as long as their warranties. But with computer programing, there are very stiff penalties for doing the same thing, so I never worry about it with them. And especially not with Quickbooks, which is such a great program, that I would always blame the Hardware. Sometimes you are just unlucky.